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Make Your Next Staff Meeting Better with Popcorn

Efficient staff meetings are short, direct, and well-planned. It’s essential to communicate with your staff and keep them up to date. Still, it’s also vital to show employee appreciation. What better way to do both than serving popcorn at your next staff meeting? 

Popcorn Makes Meetings More Relaxed

Did you know a more relaxed meeting helps your staff be more present and engaged? You want your meetings to connect your staff in a way that promotes sharing ideas, solving problems, and inspiration. When your team is met with a full-service popcorn rental machine, there will be a unique feeling of excitement! You’ll promote conversation and let your staff feel comfortable in an environment conducive to great ideas.

Popcorn Keeps Energy Up

No matter what time your meeting is scheduled for, popcorn is there to keep everyone energetic. Popcorn is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates and essential vitamins, giving your team a boost of energy! Plus, when they walk into that staff room and see a super cool popcorn machine, or individual popcorn packages, you’ll feel an increase in positivity! And, you’ll see an increase in productivity too! It’s truly a win-win.

Popcorn Helps Creativity

Planning and discussing over snacks sets a more energetic stage. It also offers your attendees nutrients that literally boost creative juices. Eating the right snack has everything to do with creative capacity. There is tons of evidence that proves eating the right kind of foods, like popcorn, can increase your brain-power! Your staff will say hello to fresh popcorn while you say hello to fresh, new ideas!

Everyone Loves Popcorn

The best part? Popcorn is a crowd-pleaser! That means whether you have five staff or fifty, everyone will love what you’re serving! Especially when you serve the all-natural, non-artificial, non-GMO, raw popcorn ingredients that Sizzle Popcorn provides. Perfect for even the pickiest eaters, popcorn is an ideal snack food for meetings because it satisfies without spoiling anyone’s appetite. With this kind of employee benefits in your Montreal or Toronto office, your team will be looking forward to your next meeting all week long!

Be the Best Boss in Town

Serving popcorn at your next staff meeting is an ingenious way to increase productivity and efficiency! So why not keep the momentum going and set up an office snack station in Toronto or Montreal? Order directly from our online store and keep your office stocked with delicious, healthy popcorn to keep your staff happy! You can even choose different flavours to keep things interesting. Delight your employees with Cheddar, Salt and Vinegar, or Ketchup flavoured popcorn, to name a few. 

Book Your Popcorn Machine Rental Today

Are you ready to make your next staff meeting (or your office) better with popcorn? Contact Sizzle Popcorn today to get started! We offer all-included popcorn machines for Montreal and Toronto with or without a server. Not only do we bring everything to and from your meeting, but there are no pick-ups, no appointments, and no hassle required! We deliver, set-up, service, and clean-up when your meeting is over. So don’t hesitate to experience what it’s like to work with Sizzle Popcorn! 



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