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Isn’t it crazy to think that renting a popcorn machine in Montreal is so difficult and time consuming.  First you need to call the rental company and they give you the runaround about what size kettle and what size machine they carry in stock. Once you finally get the answer from them they then tell you that the popcorn machine is $100.00 a day to rent, plus $15.00 for insurance plus tax. The problems don’t stop there, what they don’t tell you is that the machine is over 20 years old with a terrible style, the doors are missing, the kettle is all used up and they expect you to know how to use the machine once you get it to your event.  I’m going to keep going with the issues, then you must pick up the bare machine from the rental company and then lug it around in your car with the risk of breaking it…not interested! Oh! Also, you need to buy your own raw popcorn that you’ll probably end up wasting half of. Then comes the oil, the salt the service bags and a mess. All of this because you wanted to have popcorn at your event that ended up costing you over $200.00 when you consider the time it took to pick-up the machine, buy all of the supplies, use the machine and clean the machine and then bring it back the next day before 11am after a night of partying!!  All of this can just be avoided if you would just had rented a popcorn machine from Sizzle Popcorn. We take care of all of the above for you to make sure you have the easiest hassle free popcorn experience. If you want more information on how you can rent a machine click here, if you already made up your mind after reading this story just contact us already!



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