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Introducing Rockit’s Sizzle Popcorn Shop

Are you an esports entertainment fan? Whether you’re playing in a tournament, vying for a new title, or simply enjoying your favourite game, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to make it better – popcorn! And now, we’ve made it even easier to get your hands on your favourite snack thanks to our new online popcorn store serving Toronto and Montreal. 

Delicious Flavours

Did you know all our popcorn is made with only three basic, vegan-friendly ingredients? We also make every bag with Canadian sourced, non-GMO white popcorn, so it’s not only scrumptious; it’s healthy and eco-conscious too. Our new online shop features four great flavours that are sure to delight everyone’s taste buds. 

If you’re looking for that classic popcorn taste, try our Lightly Salted Popcorn. You get the perfect balance of topping to popcorn ratio designed with your snacking pleasure in mind. Or why not try our Cheddar Sizzle bag for another classic popcorn taste you can’t go without? A staple at any party, you’ll be the talk of the town if you’re generous enough to share. 

Are you looking for a little bit more of a kick? Then you’ll want to try our Salt and Vinegar Sizzle. This bag tickles the taste buds with that tangy vinegar zest. Still want more flavour-packed punch? Get your hands on our Ketchup Sizzle bag. Nothing says Canadian like a delicious burst of ketchup flavour hitting your mouth with every bite! 

If all of these flavours sound too good to choose just one, you’re in luck! There’s no need to decide when you buy our Sizzle Pop 4 Pack. Try them all and be the judge on which flavor wins the crown and takes home the title of best Sizzle Pack! Now that’s the tough choice.

Easy Delivery 

Not only do we feature delicious flavours, but our new online store lets you get all of them shipped directly to your house. That’s right; you can keep on gaming with almost no interruption. Simply visit our shop, select your favourite flavour of popcorn (or try them all!), and add to cart. We’ll even keep your details saved for future visits so you can maximize your playtime! 

Convenient Ways to Pay

Once you’ve selected one or all of our awesome flavoured popcorn bags, you get to pay in the most convenient way possible. You can use your credit card, PayPal, or even Google pay. Your private data is always secure and safe with us. 

Take it to the Next Level

Once you try our delicious popcorn bags in four amazing flavours, why not share it with your friends, family, and co-workers? You can buy them their very own Sizzle Popcorn bag or create an entire event! Our commercial popcorn machine rentals in Montreal and Toronto make for the perfect surprise! From birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and corporate events, we make it easy to throw the best party in town. So contact us today for any questions about our online store or to book a popcorn rental today!



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