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Combo Snacks: Popcorn and Cotton Candy. The Sizzle Way
Popcorn and cotton candy. There is simply no better match for events then those two foods.  They just seem to go hand in hand no matter what type of event you are celebrating. They bring that carnival type feeling into any atmosphere and just seem to light up the room once people lay eyes on either machine.

Family and Cotton Candy
Kids flock to the Candy Cotton Machine like it’s the coolest thing they’ve ever seen!  They no question want to be the first in line to get that sweet savory melt in your mouth treat. Whether the cotton candy is blue, red, pink, yellow or purple it makes no difference as they are all perfect super appealing treats. There’s something about a buzzing of the machine, the smell of heating floss sugar and the appearance of the cotton candy cart that brings happiness.  

Simply Amazing
The amazing science behind cotton candy makes you wonder how this mysterious treat comes to be and how that iconic machine makes it possible for such symbolic food. It’s more than just a treat, it signals a special occasion where you have a limited amount of time to come back for more and more until the event is over.  Once that snack is done and the candy treat goes away the magical ride comes to an end the cotton candy journey is over. Whether you know it or not, cotton candy brings you back to the good times, when you were a child running around with your siblings or friends eating up as much of that forbidden sugar floss that your parents warned you not to eat too much of.

Cotton Candy and Happiness
That happiness generating machine, spins almost four thousand times per minute creating those succulent treats that no one knows what to do with but eat them and share them with family and friends.

The Best Add-On Service
If you are looking for a great add on we suggest renting a cotton candy machine. Of course that rental and service should be easy and straightforward. There is no better place to get cotton candy and the best popcorn you ever had in your whole life than with well us, Sizzle Popcorn. We are the specialty company specializing in being the best available service in Montreal and making you the happiest. 

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