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Things to Consider Before Hiring a DJ

The rise of digital equipment on the market has also caused an increase in the number of capable DJs. This has made DJ services in Montreal a lot more accessible and affordable to everyone. Such services have a lot to offer for whatever parties and events you plan to have. 

But before that, you need to know several things first before you hire a DJ. These are as follows:

1. Consider your choice of music

Events can vary; they can be social gatherings, formal occasions, or wild after-parties. As such, it’s important to pick a DJ who has an extensive music catalog appropriate for the event. If not, most, if not all, of your guests might feel awkward. This is why if you’re going to avail of DJ services in Montreal, make sure your preferred DJ has music for all occasions. 

One of the first things you should do is find out if they have music specifically catered for the occasion. You can’t just consider DJ services that frequently serve only at disco parties. 

Unfortunately, some clients are not that musically inclined and just blindly trust their DJ for all the music choices. If you are one of these persons, it is better to pick those with an all-around music background. 

2. Check their equipment setup

The most common enemy for a DJ, aside from a disrespectful crowd, is a technical difficulty. Since you will be availing of DJ services, the equipment suited for them is obviously included. However, the overall sound system is not, and this includes the amplifiers, microphones, speakers, and tons of wiring. 

Assuming you avail of a reliable sound system for your event, your DJ must have backup plans in case he/she experiences problems. Most DJs nowadays use a laptop for playing music together with their turntable. 

Make sure that you hire a DJ who has a quick solution in case he/she encounters such problems before or during the event.

3. Take a look at their track record

As mentioned, you’d want to check the background of the DJ you’re hiring to determine his/her choice of music. If you are planning to have an after-party once a wedding reception ends, you need to know if the DJ can deliver good music for all ages. 

That’s because at a wedding, there can be diverse age groups ranging from the elderly to the toddlers. Also, if you want a blast, hiring DJs who often have good reviews is only logical. 

4. Pick a DJ who accepts music requests

During events, there can be moments that spur randomly and happen because maybe they are surprises or just a fun development while you’re all having a good time. During these moments, a great background song can be so impactful.

Furthermore, it can only be accomplished if the DJ cooperates with you. If you are an event organizer and can foresee such things happening, you’d want to confirm first that the DJ you will be hiring can accept different music requests, either for free or for a fee. 


If you are planning to avail of DJ services in Montreal, remember those important considerations mentioned above. Following them may help save your time, effort, and money from hiring a lazy and boring DJ. 

Also, don’t forget to focus more on enjoyment rather than setting many rules or restrictions for the DJ you hire.



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