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Cotton Candy Machine Rental for Retail Activation and Promotion

Retail activation & promotion is an effective strategy to engage shoppers, promote store openings, generate visits, celebrate anniversaries, and influence purchase behavior. One way to get this started and add fun to your marketing is by getting a cotton candy machine rental.


We offer the best cotton candy machine rental in Montreal, allowing you to serve delicious cotton candy quickly and effectively. Our single cart and machine are mobile and work perfectly with the right and proper maintenance. The machine and cart combo gives a classic and nostalgic look that everyone will enjoy.


We guarantee our cotton candy maker is very easy to use with or without an attendant. We give you the option to choose your preferred cotton candy flavors from options like blue raspberry, pink vanilla, cherry, banana, lemon, strawberry, and much more. The cotton candy is not just delicious but the cones are quite sturdy as well.


Better still, our cotton candy machine rental can be a good way to make a profit for your retail activation & promotion marketing. You can sell the treats to people that come to your retail and marketing activation. The rental period is very flexible and it varies with your type of event. 


If you are a first-timer, our team will show you how to operate the machine. The machine runs on a standard 110v plugin. The rental includes the machine, cones, and floss sugar; either pink vanilla or blue raspberry. You may also request for additional set up at an extra fee. Other than tabletop units, our cotton candy machines can also be rented with a cart.


Want to add sweet success to your retail activation & promotions? Don’t hesitate to call us today for a quote.