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Cotton Candy Machine Rental for Weddings

If you are looking to keep both children and adults entertained at a summer wedding ceremony, hiring a cotton candy maker may be an ideal solution. Cotton candy treats are a delicious wedding dessert that you can serve to your wedding guests in place of donuts, cupcakes, and other desserts. For years now, we’ve been providing professional cotton candy machine rental services for weddings and other events.


Besides serving cotton candy as a treat at weddings, it can also be used to garnish drinks and used creatively as a topper for cupcakes. Our cotton candy machines are easy to use and can quickly deliver super tasty treats to all your guests in no time. We can cater to any event regardless of size. You just need to tell us your expectations and we will strive to exceed them.


When you hire our cotton candy maker for your wedding event, you will get everything that you need to make your event a success. Your cotton candy machine rental will include blue or pink cotton candy floss sugar, depending on the flavor you like or suited to the wedding theme. We also offer floss cones and a plastic dome top to keep the cotton candy floss secured even during windy days. The dome also keeps little fingers out.


Let your wedding be a hit by hiring our commercial cotton candy machine Montreal with or without a cart. Be sure to check our offerings to choose the most suitable options for your event. We have very convenient delivery options!